Born on the 5th of January 1988, Percy Mukwevho, popularly known as P.Postman is labelled as the best at what he does. He is a hip hop/kwaito and reggae musician. Percy was given his stage name “P.Postman” by his cousin, Mushe Ramovha. He explained to Tsa Pitori that his stage name P.Postman equals Percy the Postman, which basically represents that he is a messenger, given to the people from a higher power which is God. He said Post also means after/future, he is the future.

Percy’s career began at a very tender age. In 2001, when he was only 13, he released his first album. The album was titled “Here I am”, it was produced by his father, Dr Colbert Mukwevho, apart from a song titled “Play reggae music” which was produced and composed by Mulalo Mukwevho (Percy’s uncle) and Percy.

In 2002, Percy was featured by kwaito star, Mzambiya on a hit track, “Of love and kwaito”. Percy has also worked with Yvonne Chakachaka, Chicco Thwala and the late Mandoza. He then released his second album, “Spectacular”, since then he has proved to be one of the greatest artists in the planet.

In June 2019, Percy was nominated to represent South Africa in Spain, Barcelona in an event called Primavera Music Pro 2019. He said being chosen for the Primavera Pro festival was a milestone on its own. “I honestly haven’t experienced anything like it. The setup was amazing, the artists, the sound, the different stages, the crowd was huge and the energy was just unforgettable. I’m honored”-Percy.

He has recently released a single titled “keep calm”. In his single he talks about meditating, keeping the bad vibes away and keeping calm through the process of life.

In August 2019, Percy will release a double disc album titled “Real Talk”. Real Talk is an album where his fans will get to connect to the man behind the music. “It is a project that I’ve created to tell my people about my experiences and thoughts. My favorite track on the album is ‘On top of the hill’, a very spiritual song”-Percy told Tsa Pitori.

After his double disc album, he said he is going to go back deep to his roots of reggae music. Percy explained to Tsa Pitori that he wants to make more soulful music. “Hip hop is something I’m very good at, but it doesn’t allow me to send the message I would like to send properly”. Percy is not just a hip-hop artist, he has amazing future plans too. He said he wants to play his role in taking the Mukwevho legacy to its undying levels, which describes him as a family man.  “I’d also like to establish a University of Arts for all my underprivileged people and more”-Percy. He said being a great humanitarian is one of his biggest goals.


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