With her love and passion for education as well as the inspiration she drew from her father, she managed to open her own tutoring company. Lerato Matlala is the brain behind Otarel Tutors. Otarel Tutors is a tutoring company that aspires and aims at empowering the youth in the field of Mathematics, Science and Accounting. The organisation offers tutoring to students from grade 10 to grade 12 and university students. They also have services that cater for learners from grade 1 to grade 9. Otarel Tutors is located at 265 Sandalwood drive, Newlands, Pretoria.

As it is usually said that charity begins at home. With the help and support from her father (Moloko Matlala), her sister (Tumelo Matlala) who is also the co-founder of Otarel Tutors and her husband (Philemon Kandengwa), Lerato has managed to run a successful and aspiring organisation for four consecutive years.

Mathematics, Science and Accounting are always regarded as one of the trickiest subjects in the history of subjects. Lerato says even though they can appear as difficult, they are critical in improving South Africa’s economic prosperity.  Otarel ensures that students find these subjects fun and easy to tackle by using different and simple methods and approaches.

Otarel Tutors aims at ensuring that students reach their full potential. Lerato told Tsa Pitori that her tutoring company provides a positive and enthusiastic environment where every student can be motivated, improve their skills and gain confidence in their studies. It aims at helping students to receive exceptional educational lessons that are designed to build each student’s foundation to become independent.

Lerato says the students are supported by highly passionate, qualified and professional tutors who understands and meet every students’ needs. Lerato and her partner have a mutual goal, they want their students to excel in their academics and achieve more. Lerato says every learning experience should be a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.  She told Tsa Pitori that they strive to ensure that the learning material is not only effective in helping their students to achieve their desired results. “Our learning materials are designed to bring out the best in our students by adding value to the way they perceive their world”-said Lerato.

Lerato explained to Tsa Pitori that she is a university student herself. Helping others to achieve their desired goals is one of the things that she lives for. She wishes to grow Otarel to its full potential. For it to reach even the unreachable rural areas students. Otarel Tutors offer group and one on-on-one package deals.

As a way of giving back to the community, Otarel ran a community outreach initiative last year. The initiative was for students doing grade 10 to 12 in the field of Mathematics, Science and accounting. It was for assisting all the students with exam preparations.

One can find Otarel Tutors on their social media platforms:

Twitter: @Otarel_tutors

Facebook: Otarel Tutors

Instagram: @Otarel_tutors

LinkedIn: Otarel Tutors

To book a tutor, one can simply visit their website: www.otareltutors.co.za  and book yourself a tutor today!



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