Olievenhoutbosch will be graced with a flea market, presented by Bathabile Moreki and her Business partner Christina Makhofane. Olive Flea Market will be hosted every first Sunday of every month, at one of the finest properties filled with tranquillity owned by Bathabile’s business partner. Its an open area that is big enough for the flea Market space. It is surrounded by farm animals to which animal feeding programme will be hosted during the flea market days.

Growing up in the homelands of Free State, Qwaqwa, Bathabile have always aspired to be a business woman. She says she did not want to be just a business woman but the one who contributes to empower others in more ways than employment.

Olives flea Market is a platform that was initiated to assist township businesses to access the infrastructure for trades, access the market, funding and capacity building to grow their businesses. Bathabile told Tsa Pitori that the flea market was also established to create cohesion in the society, hence the reason why it is hosted in a township.

“The hosting of the flea market came about wanting to showcase the potential of township entrepreneurship and create opportunities to township economic transformation”-Bathabile told Tsa Pitori. She says they are doing this because they love their country and they are supporting and helping South Africa to eradicate poverty, to create job opportunities and provide opportunities to upcoming entrepreneurs. “In a nutshell Olives flea Market is strategically positioned to develop township economy”-Bathabile.

The flea market will assist black businesses and brands with trainings to cope with expansion in demand and also bring good vibe in the community. Bathabile said there are few businesses and brands that have already signed up for the market. She mentioned Atchaars Bar- (Atchaar manufactured by Shirely), Thirteen Sixty-Four led by Lucia Mahoro, Mpho M projects by Mpho Mashamba and Vahillas Samoosas.

Bathabile told Tsa Pitori that they will also invite visitors from places such as Atteridgeville, centurion, and Thatchfield to showcase their product and to also have an opportunity to buy products from the market. Bathabile said they have partnered with YOCO, which offers small business with infrastructure. “Other businesses are not aware of such offerings, we educate them and help them access these kinds of opportunities”-Bathabile.

When asked what she is hoping to achieve with this flea market, Bathabile answered by saying she would love to see increase sales for many businesses and brand awareness about their offerings. Contribute to job creation, to help small business to reach their monthly projections.

Bathabile says they are aiming at growing Olives Flea Market, offer good service for both businesses and the visitors to the market and bringing change to the community. They are also aiming at hosting the market monthly and grow number of business participation and visitors monthly.

Olives flea market is a family orientated flea market with unique pieces of art and crafts, live soulful music, karaoke music, farm animal feeds for children and picnic basket for family lunch.



  • Sweetness

    Wow, am inspired to do my best… With people like Bathabile who support businesses in townships we certainly can successfully if we put all effort into our businesses because we have all the support we need…

  • Good afternoon

    Please help I want to show case the spices and yoghuts I sell.

    Kind regarda

  • Nocawe Cadribo

    I am a small business owner. I brew homemade ginger beer (khemere) My company is called Original Khemere and I have a Facebook page with the same name. You can view my product on the page. I think attending your monthly activities will give me the exposure I have been seeking since 2015. Please notify me by email where your future activities will be held and how much the stalls are.


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