It’s another week of what has become a norm, we have nothing but a fun packed installment of nothing but the best infortainment on #kasivibes. We got to sit down and talk to the 22 year old Keitumeletswe Mapa aka DJ Man.K born and bred in Morula View, Pretoria.

He is the new kid on the block and already has the industry in his palm. Kindly check out the Fresh Box below as we get to know more about him.

DJ Man.K


Q. Hello and welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine.
A. Thanks for having me.

Q. Let’s add a personal touch to our conversation, tell us more about DJ Man.K?
A. I’m a DJ who fell in love with music in late 2007 and early 2008, as well as developing a passion for being a DJ, I started DJing on a computer playing at family events and for my friends last year December.

Q. To those that haven’t heard your set yet, what can they expect from your set?
A. The best classic and soulful house music.

Q. Who influenced you to pursue a career as a DJ?
A. Well DJs who play good music, but most of the time it’s DJs who play classic house music.

Q. You just got in the music industry, how do you plan on remaining relevant?
A. I have my manager who organizes gigs for me.

Q. With that said, what has been the greatest lesson learnt thus far?
A. To always make it on time or before time and also to be confident and comfortable with who I am.

Q. How would you like to be remembered?
A. I want to be remembered by the type of house music I play and touching people’s souls

Q. Anything you want to add with regards to your career that we might have omitted?
A. Nothing much except that I’m a student at Tshwane South College studying Mechanical Engineering.

Q. Lastly, the whole nation is still celebrating women, how are you celebrating women’s month?
A. By showing too much love to the beautiful women out there.

Social Platftorms/Booking Info
Facebook: Keitumeletswe Mapa
Cell: 078 841 2606

•••THE END •••

DJ Man.K started playing last year December, but already had an opportunity to playing on a local campus radio station TUT Fm. He also played at the following venues Liquid Zone along side Lumka Musique, and block B at De Joint at the recently held thick Is Beautiful women’s seminar, 8 months later he’s on his “A” game, surely he’s here to stay.

The spirit of celebrating women is still high as we about to round off women’s month. Let’s take it upon ourselves to make it a priority to respect and celebrate women every day, not only on women’s month. Remember that “Basadi ba tshwara thipa kafa bohaleng”.

Nothing but Gods peace, love and blessings upon you all.


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