By: Lulama Nale.

The Economic Freedom Fighters planned countrywide shutdown, which will be taking place on Monday, 20 March, saw party members warn shops and other businesses in various places to shutdown to avoid looting. Nothing in the nation is to function that day such as stores, people going to work etc, according to the party.

Universities and other institutions of higher learning may be affected, as some students, lectures and teachers will be joining the protest as well. EFF members were seen announcing the shutdown over a megaphone in a video that went viral online.

“We are telling you to shut down of all of your businesses to avoid looting; the speaker is heard saying. The EFF has denounced the DA’s conduct, calling it an unnecessary and foolish PR gimmick. The EFF reaffirmed that the country’s constitution guarantees the right to demonstrate.

“I dare anybody in South Africa to come and show us where EFF has done anything outside of what is allowed in our constitution. We have a right to protest,” said Economic Freedom Fighters spokesperson, Leigh-Ann Mathys.

The SA National Taxi Council (SANTACO) refused to participate in the EFF’s planned shutdown on Monday, saying that “the economy is already messed up and we don’t want to be adding more fuel to the fire.”

Meanwhile the SAPS said they are expecting a protest not a shutdown which they will have forces on the group to ensure nothing illegal is done and culprits are brought to the book.

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