We are living in an era where more and more upcoming artists make it big as a result of the digital space influence, internet. Gone are the days when you had to have vast experience to penetrate the entertainment industry or are they? Well on this issue of your most reliable source of local talent I had a one on one with a prodigy in his own right, Uncle TANIC otherwise known as Metse Mokoena. Stay tuned as we get to know more about this passionate and goal driven talent.

Born in Limpopo the move to Pretoria must have been the Will of high powers as this brought a great revelation to the Capital (Pitori). In 2004 Uncle TANIC with a few peers founded the then Blood Spillaz a hip hop movement that made a significant impact on the streets of Pitori. The movement was well respected in and around the communities of our great city (Pitori) and went on to release 10 mixtapes. This was one of the groups that elevated the hip hop culture for youngsters growing up looking for inspiration and in 2009 the group got nominated for the Hype Magazine Awards Best Group category.

Soon after that in 2011 Uncle TANIC released his first ever solo project a mixtape titled Streets Regulator. Although the hip hop movement Blood Spillaz soon elapsed this bred the beginning of a new record label called Blood Music Entertainment which Uncle TANIC co-founded alongside two other colleagues. Soon after releasing his solo project Uncle TANIC went on to collaborate with yet another great talent in Stan B to release a mixtape called Gang Banging and Trapping.

Previously known as St. TANIC he decided to pay tribute to his supportive family and relatives by honouring his nieces and nephews by changing his stage name to Uncle TANIC. The last part of his name is an acronym for This A Nigga In Charge-TANIC. He grew up in a business orientated family and this played a significant role in him pursuing his dream as an artist. He is passionate about being a respected business person one day and has started paving the way through his music, head gear merchandise and organising events.

His latest offering a mixtape called SITUATIONS OF A NIGGA, is said to be the next best thing to hit the streets and it has numerous singles which he looks to blow away the radio stations and net with. UNCLE TANIC is hard at work in the studio working on his first ever studio album which he is looking to release in April 2018. He further went on to say “All I can say is there is money to be made out there so it’s open and plenty of channels to tap into unlike back then although I wish the music could be more authentic , we can’t sell Travis Scott or Drake back to those people overseas they have that already”.

You can stay in touch with this great talent through different social media platforms on Facebook it’s UNCLE TANIC and on Twitter is @TanicBME. Remember to support local talent and watch out for this one as it’s definitely not the last time you hear of this name. #ladi_jaja?



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