Garankuwa Police Spokersperson Shimi Tsheole has confirmed that the woman accused of the murder of Thabo Mosia is out on bail, This is after a 46-year-old man Thabo Mosia was allegedly stabbed to death weeks ago, by a  43-year-old woman believed to be his partner at Garankuwa, Tsunami Ext 24.

Tsheole said that “I can only confirm that the accused is out on bail, however with a murder case like this one I cannot comment further due to the sensitivity of the investigation. The case is still alive, the police will comment further if there are any further developments concerning the public.”

The release of the accused has left some of Garankuwa residents frustrated and believing that justice was not fully served for Thabo. Masego Letswalo, One of the residents said that “I feel like the  justice was not fully served, A man was stabbed several times and the woman was only arrested for less than a  month. This situation is sad because if it was a man it would be a different thing. I think the punishment that they give to women is less. How can they let her out”.

A confidential source said “The deceased was brutally stabbed to death. The suspect had to walk freely after doing such a painful thing both to the community and his family. The suspect deserves to be punished so that she cannot repeat the same thing on his next partner.”

By: Mbali Mabena.

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