The Player

He doesn’t even have to be hot, cute or fine. He doesn’t even have to have it all like money, car or dope threads. Oh no mister game player doesn’t need to have any of those to run circles around your head.

His name ‘Mr game player’ says it all because all he truly needs is game. But for all those who don’t know much about game let me educate you a bit about this man/boy who no matter how grown he is will always have boyish tendencies. Tendencies like thinking no girl is unattainable for he has such a confidence/swag which most women find irresistible. This is the greatest weapon in his game playing ways.

Other things are his words, the things he says to leave you hanging on his every “make you feel good lies (words)”. Utter skill is what it comes down to, but personally I consider him a jack of trades but master of none. Even though that wouldn’t be utterly correct because his trade is women. This guy is not a man of one woman but of 3 or even more women.

A lonely fool who can’t face his own thoughts and problems. So he chooses to get lost in between the breasts of women and mind raping them into believing they need him. Because he’s never short of them, he isn’t even afraid to date women in the same circle, same church or even same family. His game is so good that he’ll get you to all fall in love with him that you can’t see that you’re his personal toy, a once in a week feel good drug.

Sad thing is this guy has family problems, trust issues, deep dark secrets & pain that make him find comfort in such tendencies. Whether you call it game or just being a player you just got to admit that this type of guy sure knows how to play good mind games with girls. They will stay by his side even when shit hits the fan, talk about commitment, a true following he’ll always have at his finger tips. And not appreciating this force that holds him together.

Hate it or love it, it’s the only thing he knows and though we should feel sorry for such a loser. I suggest we shame him so he can man up and face his shadows & skeletons in the closet so he can stop complicating lives. No one has it easy in life we all have problems face yours bra!


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