Thabang Mabunda defied all odds to become the successful speaker that he is today. He does not see himself as a motivational speaker, but a coach, an elevator who believes he was born to help other people unleash the talent they may have and reach their full potential in life. This has made him a firm favorite among his peers and the community at large.

Born and raised by his parents in the dusty streets of Ga Motle in the North West province, he did not let poverty define his future or stop him from achieving his goals. As a matter of fact, going to school bare footed in winter motivated him to work even harder and felt that he actually needed to turn the situation around for himself and his loved ones.

Mr Elevator as many call him, moved to Soshanguve and this is where he completed his schooling and met some good friends who invited and encouraged him to go to church on a regular basis. Good things started happening after meeting his pastor who gave him a couple of books to read and his love for helping people grew from there and he never looked back since.

Even though he had a well paying job as a facilitator at the Zakheni Training and Development Centre, a little voice inside him kept haunting him and so he quit his job and started his motivational speaking journey which his parents were not impressed of but he persisted up until they let him follow his heart. Mr Elevator is not only a speaker but he is also a seasoned entrepreneur too and he is the founder of Culture of Success which aims to inspire those looking up to him.

His story shows that one’s background should never define one’s destiny and we can only be inspired by this success story of a black child because with God, everything is possible. He is available on Facebook as ‘Thabang Mr Elevator Mabunda’ to read more about his success stories and stay in touch with him.



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