Before midnight on Sunday at Cemetery View in Woodlands, east of Pretoria, around 400 families were homeless after a fire broke out. four people are receiving medical care. The Tshwane emergency services department said firefighters arrived at the scene to find multiple shack dwellings on fire, with flames more than 20m high.

According to firefighters they managed to contain the blaze at around 1.38am and fully extinguished the fire at about 3.30am on Sunday. Firefighters reported hearing multiple explosions during the operation which they believe to be from gas cylinder bottles. The operation was carried out during windy conditions.

The total number of shacks on fire was estimated to be 400 during firefighting operations. An assessment is underway to determine the exact number of shacks and households affected. Four people, whose gender and ages are not yet determined, were transported to hospital by private ambulance services. One of the four is in a critical condition. The others are in stable conditions.

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