A self made entrepreneur based in Atteridgeville (Brazaville) is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Succumbing to the notion of no complaints, success seems to be his destiny. Monate Tea Scones and Bakery is what residents of Brazaville believe to be their newly found haven.

Isaac Sithole was born and bred in Soshanguve Pretoria. He says the idea to open a bakery was born after a food company he worked for 12 years in Mpumalanga relocated to Centurion. That’s when he decided to quit his job to start Monate Tea Scones. The 37 year old entrepreneur was only left with finding an ideal place to start his business. “Brazaville is a good community and most people do not like baking for themselves anymore. I knew that being situated in an area like Brazaville, word would spread faster”, he said.

Isaac Sithole.

Starting a business requires capital and the money he received after quitting his job was not enough.  Isaac also had to dig into his savings in order to make realise his dream. Monate tea scones started operating on March 14 2019 run by Isaac, his wife and two employees. One of his employees Surprise Khumbula says Monate tea scones have paved a way for him to provide for his family. “I am from Zimbabwe, every month I have to send money home to my wife and kids and also provide for myself. It’s not all perfect but it’s much better than doing nothing at all,” he says.

Running a bakery business hasn’t been easy. However what has helped Isaac is the fact he does not only specialize in scones. He also bakes birthday and wedding cakes, biscuits, bread, muffins and caters for events too. “For me to keep the business going and make profit is as a result of also catering at funerals, weddings, birthdays and graduation ceremonies,” he said.

Surprise Khumbula .

Since inception of his business the entrepreneur has never experienced any severe challenges at all. “For the regular costumers, I sell my products cheap in summer. However when winter approaches I start to increase prices because I know everyone wants a cup of tea and a scone in their hands every morning,” he added. It does not end here for Isaac, he says there is a lot more to expect in the future. He sees Monate tea scones expanding and being recognized all over. “I believe in less than 15 years from now, I will find a bigger and better space where I will work from and maybe one or two franchises of Monate tea scones,” he says.

By: Dineo Kgopong.

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