23-year-old Moses Mosa Zitha plays a significant role in keeping the residents of Mamelodi East fit. This young man is the proud founder of MoFit Fitness company. He does personal training and one on one sessions with his clients, both online and in person. MoFit aldo specialises in event management and sports clothing. Moses started the business from the ground alone. He now works with a variety of people and he organises team building sessions for companies, churches, and other large organisations.

Other events his companyespecialises in include the likes of hiking, aerobics marathon and camps. When coming to the clothing brand, Moses has his own fitness kit printed with the name of the company. Moses explains that as an entrepreneur, he never lets an opportunity pass him by. “I grab every opportunity with both hands and use it to uplift myself and the people around me.” He said. A lot of what happened in his journey of growth has motivated him in taking the path he is currently on.

“My mother used her pension money to feed my siblings and I, she used that same money to get us an education.” He said. Moses tells Tsa Pitori that he wants to make his mother proud, she must see his success while time still allows it. Moses works with his community in a lot of his projects and says it’s because of them he is who he is. Every year, he gets involved in fundraising programmes. Moses collects sanitary towels, clothes, blankets and food by organizing a fun walk from Moloto to Mahube Valley. A chosen school and a charity home get the donations.

“I can say my company has grown from 40-70% in terms of recognition and achieving it’s goals, mission and vision.” He said. Moses further adds that the number of people responding to events has grown rapidly, everything keeps improving on a daily. Growth is one of his constant missions. Moses strongly believes that nothing is impossible when you put your mind and hard work towards what you want. #ladi_jaja?

By: Thuli Galane.

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