2018 mother’s month could not have been any better for the award winning business woman and founder of Glory Divine Christian Centre Mmatepeng “Moeder” Temane when she was recognised globally for her hard work and ability to change people’s lives, by a global organisation called American Field Service Intercultural South Africa. The award was presented to her in South Africa as AFS Change-Maker. The Pretoria born business woman founded Glory Divine Christian Centre which is a children’s centre early 2014 in Mamelodi (Kgabalatsane).

Mmatepeng started working with children in 2005 when she became a Sunday school teacher. “I did not know I can work with children until I started getting good feedback from kids as they got older, I realised that as a woman I have the power to do great things, so this motivated me to start the centre”- said Mmatepeng.

The award winning business woman joined the global non-profit organisation in 2012 as a volunteer and is the first person to bring AFS SA in Mamelodi. Mmatepeng’s passion managed to help (2) disadvantaged kids to get one (1) year scholarships in USA and Switzerland in 2016-17 and another (4) for short scholarships next month for a Technology Academy in USA, Brazil and Egypt this year for a month.

The global organisation is driven by volunteers worldwide and deals with intercultural exchange programmes to connect people. The organisation runs programmes that give opportunities to high school children on intercultural exchange programmes overseas. AFS’s mission is to forester peace into the world. Late this year the goal driven woman will again be competing for an award on an international level with other volunteers across the globe.

The public speaker, emcee, programme director, mentor and coach organises events to engage the youth on issues that affects them with dialogues, camps and educational outings. “I do educational and adventure camps mainly to expose children to different things that can make an impact on their lives.” Glory Divine Christian Centre is a non-profit organisation in partnership with Freedom Park since 2016; in 2017 it was sponsored by Net Care 911, National Lotteries Commission and Old Mutual Foundation in 2018.

The children’s centre currently lost few kids due to relocations and domestic family matters, leaving the centre with 13 children. Despite the challenges that come with starting and managing a business, the multi-talented woman’s dreams never went in vain in hope that her Early Childhood Development Centre will grow to become a private foundation Phase Primary school (grade R to 3) and to a full primary school till Grade 7.

Mmatepeng quit her government job of 22 years in 2014 after realising her power and God given talents to start her own business. “Even though starting a business is not an easy path, I have been courageous and have always believed in my great potential. I am not afraid of knocking on big doors and that has helped me to achieve great things in a short space of time”.

In 2015 the aspiring mother founded a Woman’s Movement called Bold Mothers and each year during mother’s day she organised events to inspire and empower mothers to make an impact in their lives and communities. “I want mothers to be bold and not be afraid to step into big platforms in order to make a difference. The movement is growing and my dream here is to see myself having a foundation started by bold mothers and making waves in our country.”

Through her passion in building a better country and empowering as many as possible to reach, pursue and make dreams become a reality. The bold woman changed a young boy’s life by giving him courage and wisdom to write a book called Young, Black and Powerful. The book became a huge success and was launched last year in July and now the young man is giving motivational talks to schools about the book across the country.

The ambitious woman believes that people should not be afraid to show their talents and make the world a better place, through those talents and skills a lot can be achieved and many could benefit from those. “Let us believe in ourselves and strive to possess the powers we have to change and make an impact into the world. Let us add value to humankind.”- said Moeder.



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