On this week’s installment of #Kasivibes, I got the opportunity to Chit-Chat with Tizza D Mane, a talented producer and hip hop artist from Mabopane(in Pretoria). Without wasting any time let’s get into it.  Check out the Fresh Box below to find out what he has to offer.


Q. Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine, how are you doing?
A. I am doing awesome, thanks for having me here I feel welcomed.

Q. You seem to relate a lot with the hood/kasi right? Take us through that.
A. I have a lot of interest in kasi as I grew up looking at its momentums and the vibe it has. I have noticed that I have learned a lot from its originality and how true it is regardless of its struggles. It’s like the only place that can make one have a strong character and balance in life.

Q. Take us through the process of making your music, what inspires your music?
A. My inspiration comes from both international and local acts, the very first group that opened my musical mind and how you can do it yourself is “Odd Future”, then motswako music which features the likes of TUKS, Proverb, HHP and Khuli Chana as well as jazz and kwaito. One day I told myself that I want to build my own type of sound, fusing all the different styles I have studied and fuse it with my unique sound. In short I am inspired by any original craft you share with me.

Q. What’s your signature sound?
A. My signature sound is “Yeeuu” sound, you always hear on my songs and beats other artists use, no other signature except that.

Q. Your last single had great response from the masses, take us through the song #Kasi, from production to the shooting of the music video.
A. I study everything I see and hear mo kasi(in the hood), that’s where the #Kasi concept came about, on the music video I had to show them most of the things am talking about in order for them to believe in the momentums of #Kasi with the help of Aphex Visuals  as well as support from local acts.

Q. From your point of view kindly define Hip Hop.
A. I define Hip Hop as a genre where you get to express anything you have seen, experienced or think of anywhere verbally and visually, a genre that connects with dancing, fashion and the language. Hip Hop is very educational

Q. With that said how do you see the current state of SA Hip Hop?
A. SA Hip Hop has really grown, from blow up artists like Khuli Chana, AKA, Cassper Nyovest just to mention a few who have opened doors for us upcoming artists to bring TV and Radio to notice us quickly and give more attention to us and less to international acts. Back in the days it was rare to find someone who looks up to a local artist like we do now, the industry was not a community and cultural as it is now. Big up to artist doing it big and putting the country on the map with real music.

Q. We are about to wrap up the year 2015, what projects are you currently busy with?
A. Expect an anticipated single called #FvckYouPayMe produced by myself, then my single release and a Mixtape/EP project which features local singers and rappers such as  NoPlanBee, Ofentse, Dedrick, Jax Colorado, Agelic Mindtones and more.


Social Platforms/Booking Info

Email: or inbox me on facebook
Instagram: tizzadmane
Twitter: tizzadmane
Facebook: Tizza D Mane
Soundcloud: Tizza D Mane
Reverbnation: Tizza D Mane
Youtube Channel: Tizza D Mane

••• THE END •••

Tizza D Mane has been in the music industry since 2010, making Hip Hop music independently and producing for artist like Reezy and Supreme Shae, Kay-Ride, Jax Colorado, Ramsey Rap Sounds, Dazzy and Toxic Tivo. He worked on projects of Dazzy, Ramsey Rap Sound, The L2b and The Blu. In 2014 Tizza released 2 singles called No Limitation in March and Kasi in November, which have received great reviews from the masses, automatically this led him to shooting a music video for the Kasi song, you can check it out on Youtube.

Tizza D Mane has performed  at Lovers Affair Picnic at Andy’s Industrial Shisanyama, Hip Hop Nights At Gwens, Hip Hop Sessions at West Side Nite Club to mention a few.

Let me love and leave you with this “for me to reach the sky, I need your support, and for you to also reach the sky I should support you”.


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