Modelling coach and public figure, Grace Ramasobane (45) from Pretoria participated in the Daily Theta show on Thursday. As one of her contributions to the nation, she participated in the show to explore the concept of corporal punishment, its psychological implications and the trauma that comes with it.  Unfortunately, Grace could not continue with her role as a main guest due to production problems but still managed to be a part of the guest group.

Daily Thetha is a South African live educational television talk show that seeks to inspire the youth of Mzansi by engaging them in various issues that affect their lives through an open studio dialogue, studio debates and expert opinions. It serves as an information hub which contains components that speak directly to the youth through inspiration, motivation, excitement, relevant information, as well as sound interactions with their peers.

“There are many ways to discipline a child besides beating him or her. I say this because I have experienced apartheid corporal punishment at school, when teachers would slap a seven-year-old child to the ground,” said Grace.

Corporal punishment refers to any kind of physical force inflicted on children by a parent, guardian or teacher as a means of discipline. Since 2008, corporal punishment has been prohibited by law at home and in school. In today’s event, the Daily Thetha show invited Dr Llewelyn Curlewis to look at what the law says about corporal punishment. They furthermore looked into alternative methods of disciplining children and why corporal punishment is still practiced by some parents and teachers.

Psychiatry medical officer, Dr Bongiwe Tlailane, said that she believes that authoritarian parenting style leads to corporal punishment because there is no communication between the parent and child. She furthermore added that it is extreme because the child does not have a say but has to listen and obey whatever is said by the parent. There has to be a balance in parenting styles.

By: Ntombikayise madlala.

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