Cyber G entertainment hosted the first Miss Township Pretoria pageant in 2018 and due to popular demand they have decided to host another one this year on the 11th of May 2019 at Rosslyn VIP Lounge. Miss Township Pretoria 2019 is sponsored by Khumalo Holdings. The pageant aimed at teenagers and the youth between the ages 12-24 creating a platform to showcase their talents; it mainly focuses on Primary and High schools, colleges and universities, also professionals in the industry.

Models are invited from all Tshwane Townships, they are screened by panel of judges then only 40 models are selected to participate in this beauty contest. The process of selection was done through promotions on social media and posters. The pageant had plus 293 models that were interested in the Miss Township Pretoria 2019. Due to the demands that they have received, this year the pageant will be adding more categories than in 2018.

 Cyber G entertainment is an organisation that conducts beauty pageants around South Africa, they are not just merely competitions but an initiative to bring young women to present their talents in an elegant manner.  Gontse Mokwena age 22 and the founder of Cyber G entertainment emphasized that the aim of this pageant is to give these young women a platform where they can elevate and become professional models.

 “This pageant is an opportunity for young women with alluring beauty and sharp brains to get well-deserved recognition, it gives every deserving young women a chance to be a celebrity in their own right” commented Gontse Mokwena. Miss Township Pretoria will not only develop these candidates but will also empower them to take pride in who they are regardless of their race, size and skin colour. The winners of the pageant have been charity ambassadors and use the platform to spearhead and contribute to charitable organisations and communities.

The pageant tries to contradict the world in believing that beautiful women do not have brains. Noluthando Khumalo was crowned Miss Township Pretoria 2018 and whoever wins the pageant this year will take the crown from her. This event is set open so provide opportunities for all parties involved in.


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