Mathata Boys as the name goes have been causing trouble in the music industry with their good music and cool dance moves. This band of 10 members was formed in 2009 with its founding members all born and bred in Soshanguve, Pretoria. With a mixture of dancers, vocalists and instrumentals these young guys have been killing shows all over.

Mathata Boys had their first major performance at the opening of Batho Plaza in Soshanguve and have since gone on to appear on TV shows(Jika Majika, YO! TV’s Blue Couch, Battle Stations, Selimathunzi and Real Ghoboza). They’ve also appeared on music videos by Vetkuk vs Mahoota and Dj Lady T as well as TV Commercials by Stimorol Berry Party and Monet with Lloyd Cele. The group fuses different genres of dance moves into one modern dance and perform house music. A Few weeks ago social media platforms came to a standstill when Mathata Boys released their hit single ‘Shona phansi’, everyone was raving about it.

I had an opportunity to chat with them to find out about their career and what’s to come in the year 2015.

•••Hot Box with Mathata Boys •••

Q. Who is Mathata Boys?
A. We are a band that consists of dancers, vocalists and instrumentalists.

Q. How did Mathata Boys come about?
A. We originally started as a group of four dancers, going for junior competitions and winning most of these competitions. We later grew in numbers, adding vocalists, a drummer and a pianist.

Q. You are known as dancers, kindly unpack the journey you just started being artists now?
A. Wow! It’s been a journey indeed. We thank God almighty for the progress we’ve made so far. Like I said earlier, we started out as dancers in our early teens as a group of four, we became Mathata Boys officially in 2009. Looking back to when we started and where we are right now we’ve made a lot of progress in our style and dance culture.

Q. What inspired you guys to start the journey as artists?
A. We all have a passion for dancing and singing. We wanted the world to see our art. We want to show a side to dancing that the world has never seen. This is our passion and this is our inspiration.

Q. What’s the deal from Mathata Boys? Are you going to just release singles or there’s an album coming up?
A. We are currently working on an album as our record label requires of us. We plan to drop a couple of singles and videos before we drop a full album. We are very excited about the prospects of dropping an album.

Q. Who did you work with on ‘Shona Pansi” in terms of production?
A. We worked with a very talented group of individuals on Shona Phansi. We had the beautiful and talented Nozi, she worked her magic with her beautiful voice, we had Spyfour a rapper who always raps his heart out and he brought it, as well as a combined effort from ourselves and Native People to bring track to life. It is a good track and we are proud of it.

Q. Have your followers received you guys well in terms of the new journey you just embarked on?
A. Yes they have, they’ve been very supportive. We really appreciate their support and ask them to never stop believing in us.

Q. In closing, what can we expect from Mathata Boys This Year?
A. A lot, videos, singles, shows, and lots more. 2015 is our year.

Group members

Tshiamo Magoro
Neo Mmakola
Vusi Nkosi
Kgothatso Makgatholela
Thabang Mothobi
Gift Mpoza
Tshepo Nkuna
Thabiso Kelepa
Karabo Ramakgoba

Booking info & Social Platforms

Twitter: @Mathataboys


In order to succeed in this industry, one needs to grab the bull by its horns. Surely Mathata Boys have followed suit in this regard.  I’m honoured to have shared the stage with them a few years ago and they are still relevant to date. Passion is what kept this band together.


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