The Pretoria Magistrates’ Court sentenced Stanley Mnguni (32), from Saulsville to 15 years direct imprisonment for robbery with aggravating circumstance, and 3 years imprisonment for kidnapping. The court ordered that the sentences should run concurrently with the 15-year sentence.  On the evening of 24 September 2018, the complainant and his daughter were driving to the daughter’s place in Westpark, when Mnguni and his accomplice followed them.  When the complainant arrived at the gate, Mnguni and his accomplice got out of their car, pointed the two complainants with firearms and forced the father into the back of his vehicle. They then drove with him and dropped him off 2 km away from the daughter’s place.

The men then drove to a house in Atteridgeville, where a man who was looking after Mnguni’s child, saw the two when they arrived and checked an envelope that came with the stolen car, which they left in the house. When he saw the complainant’s personal belongings, he called and asked that the complainant pay him some money for him to return his belongings.  The complainant called the police, who managed to apprehend the extorter.  The man was arrested, later turned state witness, and led the police to where Mnguni and his accomplices stayed. Mnguni was arrested however his accomplice was shot and killed during an unrelated robbery. 
In court, Mnguni pleaded not guilty to the charges of committing the offence and said there was a mistake in identity. However, the prosecutor Advocate Emile van der Merwe, told the court that Mnguni was linked to the offence by the complainants who identified him through the Identity parade. 

Furthermore, in aggravation, Van der Merwe told the court that Mguni committed serious crimes, as such people don’t drive freely because they fear for their lives.  Moreover, Van der Merwe, argued that the complainant, as per a probation report said the incident affected him psychologically, in that after the incident,  he did not drive for two months, and he still does not drive at night because of fear. Van der Merwe also argued the rifeness of the crime and further argued that the accused forwarded no compelling reasons to deviate from the minimum sentence.

Therefore, asked the court not to deviate from the prescribed minimum sentence. Magistrate Ntlati agreed with the state, that Mnguni committed a serious crime and that the sentence given was appropriate.

The NPA welcomes the sentence.

Issued by:
Lumka Mahanjana:
NPA Regional Spokesperson
Gauteng Division: Pretoria

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