28 year old vocalist, producer and a songwriter Man Q also known as Manqoba Fikile Joshua from Soshanguve Block G is known for producing commercial music, Afro soul, soulful and deep house. Manqoba has worked with well known Nigerian singer Jazz legend Femi Koya. He is also featured by Sticks beats, Kamo SA, Tyler ICU and Tumza D’kota on his album.

His passion for music drove him to study music after he completed his degree in Accounting. He admits that it’s been a tough year however  his passion keeps him going. Manqoba will be releasing his first amapiano album on the 31st of June 2021 labelled “To the world”. The album is labelled “To the world” because it contains a direct message for his fans and the world.

He says the album is about storytelling, it narrates Manqobas music, how it’s been through out. The album consists of different elements. Which mixes African,  Latin, Spanish and other native elements. “I decided to switch genres from commercial house to Amapiano, because I want to produce music that provides drum grooves and basses that sooth people’s souls. I produce music for people, I want to see people happy, vibing and dancing to my music” said Manqoba.

Manqoba has a dream of building a strong relationship with people in love with his music and expand his talent by working with a lot of people sharing new ideas. Manqoba wants to be a famous artist,  producer and a Dj to come out of Soshanguve. His aim for the album is to reach a lot of people and relate to their daily lives and also heal their souls. He describes it as a project where he introduces himself to the music industry from Soshanguve to the world. #ladi_jaja?

By: Mbali Mabena.

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