A video of a man sitting in a trolley, holding on to a fuel tanker on the N1highway has gone viral on social media.The man in a trolley  can be seen catching a ride on the back of a petrol tanker in the pouring rain down the N1 outside Pretoria. This video was apparently filmed at the weekend when heavy rains battered the Gauteng province. In the video, the man can be seen smiling as he holds on to the back of a tanker on the highway – ‘hitching a ride’.

The scenes have drawn out a range of emotions from viewers, ranging from the highly amused to the genuinely horrified. The 12-second clip shows the perilous situation our speedy friend finds himself in. Exposed to the elements and the pouring rain, his four-wheeled metal cart somehow manages to stay the course.

The incident took place in Pretoria, according to Yusuf Abranjee’s tweet.We’ve seen some incredibly mind blowing videos go viral on social media in our time, but this one is as outrageous – and dangerous – as they come.The ‘trolley das’ took place on Sunday 3 April and Gauteng traffic police are on the hunt for the offender.The mystery hitch-hiker does take at least one sensible precaution, however: He’s got a big coat on,

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