A man arrested for breaking the curfew when he bought baby formula for his two-day-old baby, is suing the SAPS and two constables who arrested him. Naas le Roux told the media at Afriforum’s offices in Pretoria, that he was taking legal actions against the two officers and the entire police department, for trauma, fear, and violation of his rights.

He was arrested on January 7 because he had broken the curfew to buy formula milk for his newborn baby at the Clicks pharmacy at Unitas Hospital. The baby was born on January 6 and Le Roux’s wife, Natasha, was discharged from hospital the day after.

Even though his wife was breastfeeding, a complication emerged with the baby’s feeding and, according to Le Roux, he had to drive to the emergency pharmacy at the hospital on the Friday at about 1am to buy formula milk. Upon his return, two SAPS officers pulled him over about 250m from his home.

His wife, Natasha, was forced to walk carrying the new-born baby and fetch Le Roux’s vehicle. Natasha was also threatened with arrest at a police station, after being told by the two arresting officers to come and pay bail for Le Roux.

It is alleged that police discarded Le Roux’s proof of purchase receipt, and did not attach it to the docket. Family lawyer Lily Rautenbach, confirmed that they are proceeding with the civil claim against the officers, police commissioner General Khehla Sitole, and relevant authorities. “We are definitely going to sue the individuals and the SAPS. We are still working on the amount,” said Rautenbach. #ladi_jaja?

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