On Thursday of 11th November at Moretele River situated in Mamelodi West, a horrific incident happened whereby a body of a young man was retrieved inside Moretele River. Again this week the was a body that was found inside this river on Tuesday whereby they allegedly suspect that this young guy is from ZZC church he was there for cleansing.

Zandi Mazandos Nkosi said the police divers retrieved a body of a young man on Thursday at Moretele River, in Mamelodi. Bystanders said, that they’ve been seeing a huge black mamba for some time now and they suspect the boy might have been lured by a snake. Nkosi said the boy was allegedly standing on the steel bridge and the next thing, people heard a splash and he was waving, he looked like something was pulling him up and down, and finally, he was gone.

Bystanders called the police and divers were dispatched, the search took two hours and the body floated back to where it submerged.  The family of this deceased refused to talk to Tsa Pitori, Motive stated “we are still grieving and in pain and we don’t want to disclose anything to the publication.”

Residents on social media said that “ this river is dangerous, we tend to be so hooked on religious-cultural beliefs, as well as superstitions myths and beliefs. However, we overlook the mere fact that he might have not known how to swim. This river is dangerous people should stop going there.”

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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