On Friday, the Pretoria High Court sentenced a 37-year-old man to 12 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to killing his girlfriend in the presence of their two children, a boy (10) and a girl (7) on 4 February, 2021. Sipho Frans Mahlangu was convicted for murdering Phindile Christabel Nsingwane at Mamelodi East afterwards leaving the deceased naked on top of the bed.

North Gauteng NPA regional spokesperson, Lumka Mahajana said Mahlangu was also declared unfit to possess a firearm. “A fight broke out between the two, after he saw a man running from the house Mahlangu shared with Nsingwane and finding the latter naked on bed. A fight broke out and he started assaulting the deceased with a plank, shovel and broken bottle in the presence of the children. After, he left with the two kids. The following day early in the morning, he called the neighbour to go check his place, the neighbour went and found the lifeless body of the deceased on top of the bed full of blood,” said  Mahajana in a statement.

The neighbour then called the police and Mahlangu was arrested the same day at his mother’s place at KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga. He had been in custody after his bail application was denied since his arrest. The state asked for the maximum prescribed sentence because he committed the offence in the presence of very young children.

The children are now in the care of their uncle who during testimony told the court that the children are not coping, and they call out their mother in their sleep. He furthermore added that the youngest had to repeat a grade. “Mahlangu will have to live the rest of his life with what he did, and his children will never respect him for his actions,” said the judge during his judgment.

By: Ntombikayise Madlala.

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