Tension remains in the now quiet Mamelodi(Sunvalley) after two days of the illegal eviction that has left many homeless and the residents of Sunvalley in terror. An eyewitness relayed the horrific event that took place on Monday, 21 January. ”There has been a community outcry about the escalation of crime in our neighborhood. The illegal occupants in the family units, known as Nkandla to the locals have been breaking into our homes not only do they steal from us but they also kill”.

On Sunday evening allegedly pamphlets were distributed, calling an urgent community meeting on Monday the 21st at 10 am. The meeting was to address the concerns mentioned above. A source reveals “We also learnt that the people living in Nkandla were living for free, whilst our dues to the municipality kept increasing. The community organization which was unknown to us called the meeting at the Sunvalley carwash and echoed the same sentiments and concerns”, said a witness who asked to remain anonymous.

The meeting took place at 10 in the morning, and what followed next was heartbreaking to witness. People were allegedly forcefully evicted from their homes. “A group of men from the organization heavily armed went into Nkandla and started to evict people, homes were broken into and the looting began”, said another source. People allegedly took what they wanted for themselves, clothes, laptops, money, whatever they found valuable to them.

It is alleged a shop operating in Nkandla was also looted, money, and the groceries from the tuck-shop were taken. At the carwash the food and meat looted from Nkandla were feasted on throughout the day. “In retaliation a young man allegedly looking to escape fired shots and he was caught beaten and shot at, his whereabouts remain unknown”, said our source.

Later that evening people found their homes broken into, vandalized and their personal belongings scattered all over. There was nothing they could do because they were outnumbered. “The mission to evict the illegal occupants who have been terrorizing our community was accomplished”, said another source.

These events continued until Tuesday, incase people living in the now vacant Nkandla tried to retaliate. Another Sunvalley resident expressed that the events have divided their community, he also fears the day people who lived in Nkandla decided to avenge themselves. This was not the first time the locals fought with residents of Nkandla for the family units. In 2015/16 the local residents of Mamelodi fought with the family house unit’s occupants in a bid to evict them so they could occupy the units. However their efforts were unsuccessful as some of the occupants produced valid title deeds, which also opened an opportunity for illegal occupants. Since then Nkandla has been a home to many and harbor for all sort of criminal activities.



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