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Mamelodi Duo striving to build an empire and groom local talent

Morithi Matlala and co-partner Thabang Dinala from Pretoria Mamelodi are the founders of Humble Beginnings SA brand. Their brand is about never giving up on your dreams, “because we all come from humble beginnings.” they added. Matlala said their brand was established in 2014, in the heart of Pretoria, Mamelodi.

“We were both doing different things in entertainment until we met and we decided to fuse together events, fashion and entertainment to be under one umbrella. We went on to be friends and became brothers,” said Matlala. The duo met in 2013. Dinala (29) was a DJ and Matlala (27) was an MC and former fashion model. “The journey was not easy but we fused the best of both worlds. That’s what makes HB unique.

“The umbrella includes these products and services IT, marketing, brand consultation, clothing brand, events and events consultation, entertainment PR for artists and in-house podcast,” Matlala explained. “Dinala handles the music and artist PR and I handle the branding and marketing,” he said.

Matlala said they were inspired by their own slogan Your testimony our motivation. “Our aspiration is to one day take local talent to the world and beyond and host national events that will headline local talent because we believe in Mamelodi and its potential to reach across the borders of SA,” he said.

“Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 waves and lockdown regulations we couldn’t host our annual camouflage party experience as its capacity reaches over 3 500 attendees.” “Hopefully soon we will come back with an epic experience once again.” The duo has also worked with famous artists like Kwesta, DJ Dimples, Moonchild, Busiswa, Nokwazi, Guru Logic and Bujy to name a few.

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