Every year we see different accolades being executed in SA and around the globe to celebrate different crafts. Truth be told these accolades are very significant and add high value on different hustles being celebrated. Both fans and nominees appreciate the gesture, however at times you would love to hate them thanks to the organisers. It would be unfair to categorise them in one shell but one rotten potato spoils the whole bag. Today we are going to look at two different statures of accolades international and local, the MAMA’s and Tshwane Spotlight Awards and the value they add to local talent, and the challenge the organiser’s experience.

To start things we are going to look at the MAMA’s which was held at Durban courtesy of MTV on the 18 July otherwise known as Mandela day. Well to start things off the date chosen was appropriate for an event meant to celebrate people making a difference in their communities and the world at large. Although the event was held at Durban it was only right that your favourite magazine have someone out there to give you firsthand experience of what transpired.

Our socialite and very talented associate Aemo E’face was there to capture all proceedings and give you the highlights. Well shout-out to the nominators for selecting a dope line-up and deserving candidates. From a distance the awards were glamorous and world class, but in reality they had flaws which sacrificed the outcome for all round of participants. Our correspondence at the show Aemo had this to say “African artists gave us a raw deal by using mostly back tracks, whilst Neyo and Jhene Aiko went live and it was a beauty”.

He also touched on the quality of sound which you could tell it wasn’t the best even if you watched the show on you telly (TV). This were final remarks of Aemo about the MAMA’s “it’s an annual event it gives the organisers so much time to improve but I wonder if they even have an after show review. Well let’s hope this time they do have that after show review because we are getting tired of this second class events they keep feeding us”.


Thanks to Aemo for keeping us on the dot, now bringing it back home to Capcity (Pitori) there has been different accolades held annually to celebrate local talent and for the first time this year we were introduced to the FUCK PROMOTERS Tshwane Spotlight Awards. Your favourite mag Tsa Pitori did a feature article on them earlier on to celebrate the organisers and nominees, sadly it has been an uphill battle ever since. The awards have been having setbacks and might be postponed to an unknown date, and that is not the only setback this is what we gathered from the organisers.

We spoke to the organizer Maestro specifically to find out what’s what and we came back with this “what is happening now is that we went back to the drawing board so we’re not allowed to do any marketing (here I was thinking the event is FUCK PROMOTERS),  and they’re going to be postponed again due to some reasons”. The organisers went on to confirm “they’re going to be changed again due to some reasons, and the categories are not going to change and the nominees will remain the same we just going to add more on to it” (so how is that not changing?).

I couldn’t proceed asking more as Maestro had this to say in conclusion “I can’t get into detail about everything since a lot is not yet confirmed”.  So there you have it beloved readers if you were planning to go to these anticipated accolades then hold that thought for a minute or two. We hope the organisers get everything on track and best of luck to them moving forward. We spoke to several nominees to hear what they think about the awards and this were some of the answers we received “well since it’s my first time nominated in them, I could start with the categories. There are some that are unnecessary for instance best charmer boy and charmer girl” said Komplexity.

We sincerely hope the organisers are reading, we then spoke to Jaycee and he had this to say “I firstly have this to say I am honoured to be nominated on the best upcoming artist category and my team Pimp Cash for best crew.  As for the organising of the event I wouldn’t want to criticize, people say they are not well organised well that’s how everything starts, even the biggest awards we see today started somewhere”.

We have varying responses from nominees but we’re not here to judge rather offer a helping hand, my opinion personally and advice is allowing external help wouldn’t hurt, matter of fact we need more collaborations so our events and endeavour can harmoniously be a success. We will continue to keep you informed in regards to the Tshwane Spotlight Awards and if there’s new development you need to hear or rather read about. In conclusion I pray the organisers of these awards learn from what happened at the MAMA’s and deliver a first class assemble.

We are tired of mediocre and come to think about it this is meant to be just the beginning, lesson for the day two heads are always better and wiser than one. I believe the next time we talk about the FUCK PROMOTERS Tshwane Spotlight Awards it would be to give you an encouraging scoop, take care and God bless.

Images courtesy of Google.

By: M.D.B

Edited By: K

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