The Tshwane Emergency Services water rescue team discovered a body of a deceased male from a stream near the R80/Mabopane highway next to Block XX on the 04th of March 2022. The team received an anonymous call around 07:45 where it was reported that there is a body in a stream and assistance is required, upon arrival the team launched a rubber duck boat into the stream of water and recovered a male body who looked like is 45 years old (estimated).

The deceased had bruises on the face and looked as if he has been in the water for more than 2 days. ‘’whoever did this to the poor man should be in jail and justice must be served’’ community resident expressed herself as she saw the lifeless body being taken out of the stream.

The body was taken to the South African Police Services who opened a case on the horrific discovery, ‘’we thank the anonymous call that we received to let us know about this incident and the community for trusting us to do our job” said one of the rescue team members.The South African Police will try to find the family of the deceased and arrange proper funeral arrangements.

By: Mamsi Nkosi.

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