Nhlanhla Paulos Nkosi (Sxoxo The MVP), is a 29-year-old hip hop DJ from Soshanguve Block S. Apart from being a DJ, he is also an event organiser in his neighbourhood. He hosts a lifestyle movement called Freaky Friday at Davin Lifestyle lounge, this event takes place on Fridays. The main aim of the event is for young rappers and DJ’s to come together and showcase their talent and performance skills.

He is currently working with Mercado’s Experience, Fooks and Zero012. “The movement started in 2015, where Mercado saw me and decided to be my mentor, took me under his wing and taught me all the do’s and don’ts in the industry.” He said. Growing up, Nhlanhla always knew that he wanted to be on TV and also on radio. After he got to experience the feeling of attending big events like Home Coming, he got motivated to do the same in his neighbourhood, and that was when Freaky Friday came to life.

Looking at the career path that he chose, Nhlanhla explains how he sees himself on the right track, “we all start somewhere in life, and the fact that mine is a humble beginning encourages me to work harder, with that said, I am grateful for the support I get”. He explains. Nhlanhla recently released his first single called Siyaphambili with Record L Jones and Didintle.

He describes the lockdown as an eye opener since we are experiencing this for the first time as a country. He believes that as a DJ, one should have savings which can be used to help maintain the career in this such crisis. “On the brighter side, we are doing live streaming DJing on Facebook. Our fans can sit indoors and enjoy what we provide.” He added.

When asked about goals that he has for his movement, Nhlanhla explains to Tsa Pitori that he calls Freaky Friday a lifestyle and a movement, this is because he wants to see the movement growing and reaching all ends of the country and across. #ladi_jaja?

Article By: Thuli Galane.

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