Greetings loved ones, it’s time for your weekly dosage of nothing but great infotainment within Pretoria. This time around on #kasivibes we celebrating an organization that aims at giving back to charity and the less fortunate as well as showing the youth that giving should be practiced everyday not only during the festive season or Mandela day. This makes today’s Fresh Box more interesting and informative, please check it out as I chit-chat with members of this wonderful organization called ‘Rephela Fela’.

••• Fresh Box with Rephela Fela Organization •••

Q. How did the #rpf organization come about?
A. We all met at church, we’d spend long hours together and just a small observation of our generation came the words “Re phela fela”. At this point it was just a concept we used for fun, but after a few months we sat down and discussed it formally on how we can make use of it to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Bongla B

Q. How many guys make up RPF and what role does each member play?
A. There are a total of 6 members all male within #rpf and we all consider ourselves as co-founders. When there is a project we initiate and we rotate tasks among ourselves to ensure that we are all exposed in all fields, so for each project we have different portfolios until a point where we understand who is strong where. By name it is: Amogelang (Garfield), Kamogelo (Super-Star), Lebogang (Bongla B), Thuto (Zwepe), Botshelo (Matiki) Brian (Tizza d mane)


Q. What’s the purpose of Rephela Fela organization?
A. #rpf is an organization representing the general life of our generation. We aim to give back to the less fortunate, there’s is more to life than go phela fela.


Q. There’s a lot of organizations which come and go, how are you going to preserve Rephela Fela?
A. It is said that a hand that gives selflessly receives abundantly, so since our main objective is giving back, where we come from we believe that God will be with us through this journey.


Q. On that same breath, what sets you apart from other organizations?
I would say the fact that we were brought together by one religion makes us unique because our primary goal is to reach the promise land.

Super Star

Q. Can you take us through some of the projects set to be staged by Rephela Fela movement respectively?
A. We will be hosting different kind of events, chill sessions, motorcade, and themed events just to mention a few. For now all we can say is we’re very mysterious so we plan to surprise you as even the organization came by surprise to many.


Q. How did the slogan “your style our concern” come about and what impact does it have
to the masses out there?

A. It came to us as a concern when we look at today’s generation. Like we said our main focus is to give back so with our slogan we’re letting our followers know that this organization is for them and by them. We will not preach nor tell people what to do with their lives all we will do is observe the trending style, and our concern will still remain the less fortunate.


A. Are you guys looking into turning the Rephela Fela brand into a lifestyle brand, because I see you have a t-shirt line out?
A. #rpf will be one of the biggest brands in kasi, in just three weeks of the organization being established we are trending on facebook with close to 500 followers on our page. When the time comes we will be a lifestyle so we can say that this is our revolution.

Bongla B

Q. Does the Rephela Fela organization work bound only in Pretoria?
A. For now we’re focusing on being known within our boundaries, but we’ll expand in due time. “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”


Q. For someone looking to join the Rephela Fela organisation or someone looking towards working with you, how does he/she reach you?
A. To be honest even though #rpf is an organization, we all became friends then brothers before rpf was born. The brand exists because of friendship so to join the organisation is a natural process of friendship. But until we have established the organization we don’t believe that we will have any new (decision making) members. We do have our supporters that we keep in contact with. To invest in the organization is not a problem you can get hold of us on the details below.

Quote “ #rpf is an organization that represents the general life of our generation”

Acknowledgement :

We just want to thank all our current supporters on Facebook, mo kasi even those that support the concept on TUT FM 96.2, also thank you Mawisa for this opportunity.

Rephela Fela Info:
Facebook: Re Phela Fela – #rpf

•••The End•••

Truth be told words like ‘rephela fela’ in our day and age attracts nothing but bad vibes, but I’m glad that #rpf  have successfully turned it into a positive project which will better people’s lives. My heart is smiling because Rephela Fela members have challenged themselves with great work, the responsibility of making a difference to someone’s life is a lot to bear but the road ahead looks brighter.

On the same breath I’m sending out nothing but Gods love, peace and blessings upon you all.

Until next week ciao!


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0 thoughts on “MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

  • March 25, 2015 at 7:07 am

    RPF…I think it wil b big!! Bcos these guys met at church nd it clearly means dat dey are Angels sent to keep youth out of de streets nd give back to de community!!! A big up to RePhelaFela!! All de best! I am 100 % behind u… :-*

    • March 28, 2015 at 12:50 am

      Thanks alot for the support, its people like u that will keep us going

  • May 28, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    I rep RpF the whole time and I think this organisation is going too far and May God bless this Organisation.#RpF

    • August 31, 2015 at 6:40 am

      Thanks Thato, with the grace of God it is possible. May God bless the Organisation and everyone involved. We have now grown from 6 founders to 27 members.


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