On this week’s installment of #Kasivibes I kept to the norm of bringing you nothing but the best infortainment as I always do. I got an opportunity to sit down and talk to DKR Squad, a rap crew of seven members (Sllec, Skay, Decoy, Li, Hezee, Baker, Broz Stunna). They reign from Soshanguve, Pretoria and are signed to DK records established in December of 2008. Enjoy the Fresh Box below as they unpack their craft’s story.



Q. How did DKR squad come about?
A. Koketso Sithole aka Sllec’s Beats and Kabelo Kutu aka Skay saw a need in our hood to start a hip hop crew to represent Soshanguve specifically block HH and they bought studio equipment and started DK records then later started a crew and called it DKR Squad.

Q. How would you describe DKR Squad’s signature sound?
A. Its cultural songs which are mostly sang at initiation schools (a rite of passage for African boys when they become men) fused with hip hop and local sounds. This tells a story of boys and hustlers from the hood.

Q. How did the single “Ngwanola ke mang” come about?
A. One of our friends was coming back from the initiation school and they we’re singing the song and we fell in love with it then we decided to fuse it with hip hop since hip hop is taking the front row in S.A right now.

Q. With that said take us through the production side of the above mentioned track.
A. *lol* when we made “Ngwanola ke mang” we were actually just preparing for sessions that used to happen at Piki lounge. We all just arrived at the studio and Sllec suggested that this be our new sound and we still running with it.

Q. You have a song called “Sdudla”, why the title though?
A. “Sdudla” is a song we made because we just wanted to appreciate plus size women, this song is made to bring back their confidence and make them feel proud of being themselves. We love our plus size women.

Q. How do you stay current?
A. Our producer(Sllec) happens to be the best shout out to him, we always go with the most recent sound.

Q. What sets you guys apart from other crews in the game?
A. We are the only crew in SA that managed to fuse African sounds with hip hop.

Q. What are some of the projects you are currently working on?
A. We are soon to release an EP which will be packed with hits that people love including “Ngwanola ke mang”, “Sdudla sam” and “Nkemele mou”.

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Cell :  0842729779 Broz Stunna (Manager)

DKR Squad handles criticism as motivation to better themselves. They have also traveled as far as Limpopo and Mpumalanga to mention a few, to showcase their talent and skill. They also shared the stage with SA’s mainstream artists like Uhuru and DJ Sbu. Local radio stations like TUT FM, Tshwane FM and Sosha FM have contributed to their music by giving them a platform to share their craft with the people. Before I could wrap up the interview I asked them their view on South African Hip Hop, they quickly answered by saying “South African Hip Hop is headed in the right direction”.

Let’s all remember to make each day of the month of July a Mandela day and not focus specifically on 18th July.

Nothing but God’s love, peace and blessings upon you all.


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