Macnose Cafe popularly known as Short Left based in Soshanguve, Block K, has been accused of withholding employees Unemployment Insurance Fund by one of it’s employees. It is alleged that the owners of the Café, Nico Molotsi and his wife, Mapule Molotsi claimed the UIF TERS (Temporary Employees Relief Scheme) using ttheir employee’s identities. The employee alleged when Macnose Cafe received the money from UIF they failed to pay their employees what was due to them and they only paid them for one month.

“I suspect that there are fraudulent activities committed by our employers with my Unemployment Insurance Funds (UIF). I was only paid one month and the rest of my monies were withheld. My superiors claimed that they only got paid one time. Surprisingly the rest of the funds had not been paid from last year March till this day, TERS payments ended on 31 January this year,’’  the source who chose to remain anonymous said.

“I am afraid to raise my grievances because I have been threatenedpreviously with dismissal. My other grievances include working without a contract, I don’t have a lunch break or a tea time. I work 7 days a week without being given day offs. Surprisingly I am given a day off once in a while, while in the same day you are required to attend a meeting. My salary is not always paid on record time, we are paid on the 5th when I am actually supposed to be paid on the 30th of every month. I am disappointed to announce how unprofessional my company is,” added the source.

Tsa Pitori reached out to management of Macnose Cafe with the allegations and their response was as follows: ‘’This allegations are false, the employees with grievances should come forward with their issues so they can be resolved” Nico Molotsi  the owner of the Café said. Lesego Mogolole, one the Macnoise Café partner said that ‘’this allegations are far from being true. The UIF pay-outs are expected to be paid by the department of labour directly to the employees not personally by us. Employees with issues must raise them with me, for me to assist them contact the Department of labour and get clarity.”

According to the UIF TERS website following  the research we conducted Macnose Cafe only got paid around June in 2020.  Further only official employees are eligible to receive the pay out, we further contacted Department of Labour help desk however we had not received any feedback by time of publishing. Meanwhile we were unable to find any other Macnose Cafe employee to support the sources allegations. #ladi_jaja?

By: Mbali Mabena.

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