Loate police station have issued a warning to all the people in Winterveldt, Mabopane, Soshanguve to be exceedingly cautious when walking through the  passage between Mabopane station and Cental city shopping Centre, as robberies are rife. However, Martin Maphosa, a spokesperson for the Loato police station, said the department was pleading with the community to report all crimes. In Soshanguve, taxi drivers and owners have issued a strong warning to criminals. Tshwane taxi drivers have declared war on crimes against drivers and commuters.

Criminals  are so organized  they were constantly changing from one place to another in order to escape being caught, police were collaborating with anti-crme units in the area. Maphosa went on to say that the community needed to be aware that criminals were also targeting couriers.

As people get more tech aware, they are opting for online shopping, which helps to less crowds at shopping centers, but is also provides a market for crooks to exploit courier services. Since the lockdown began, we have opened multiple cases of armed robbery, with the majority of them stemming from internet shopping this year there have been more than 30 such events compared to the past year, said police officer Sipho Maluleka.

Perpetrators of this crimes, according to the victims, place orders for a variant of products, including cellphones, beauty products and other home items; they communicate a location by smartphone, sending the delivery person to a remote place that differs from the orders address. The police have asked courier companies to consider having their packages picked up by their clients at specified pick up places as preventing measures.They also caution car purchasers in Winterveld about online automotive fraud that is gaining traction.

By: Khensani Khoza.

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