Kgakgamatso Malepe, a Mabopane based runner, has magic in his running shoes. He was inspired to start jogging after seeing her mother go to the gym and occasionally for a morning jog. Malepe claimed that coming from a running family inspired him to take up the sport. “I was drawn to it; it was almost like a calling, and I believe it is in my DNA.” He began jogging at a young age in order to stay in shape because he was unable to participate in other sports at school. His life revolves around his love of running.

I’ve always been kept busy by running, avoiding the streets and life that will lead me to drugs and alcohol because in Kasi, if you don’t go to school or play sports, you end up on the streets,” he added. He joined Madoko Athletic Club shortly after receiving his running license and stated that he has enjoyed his time there so far.”It was like placing my hand in a glove when I started running full-time, got my running license, and joined the club.” “I felt at ease, and the support I received was incredible,” Malepe added.He further revealed that people make the mistake of thinking running is all about physic and winning. Since the start of Covid 19 he had to keep fit individually so since marathon races were prohibited. He would wake up around 4am and run around the block till 6am covering 21’1KM to stay fit.

Running is an expensive sports and Malepe has faced some financial challenges. “The best running shoes are expensive that helps avoid injuries and also seeing physio’s is expensive but luckily I have a medical aid.” Despite the challenges running in the community has grown and more people are getting involved with the club. The club host training camps on Tuesdays till Saturday.

By: Khensani Khoza.

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