On the 30 of January 2020 Idah Rakale hosted the 6thannual academic awards for deserving students from various schools in and around Mabopane. She partnered with the Eugine Modise Foundation, Sister T Promotions, Bopang Consultations, Ke Tswa Mabopane (KTM) and Pure V Marks to make the event a success. During the event, top achieving matriculates from the class of 2019 together with their parents were invited. The top five students were awarded laptops and printers and the rest of the top achieving students (more than 15) also received laptops.

 According to Rakale, various meetings were held with the students prior to the awards ceremony to learn more about the students and their plans. The students also took an aptitude test to assist them on the career path that would be best suited for their temperament. Geraldine Mokgethi from Bopang consulting also aided some of the students with registration fees. As the event took place, some of the students had already enrolled at their chosen institutions of higher learning.  Everyone who was involved tried their level best to ensure that these students get to further their studies.

 It was a very prestigious event with various speakers. Among them were delegates from Aviation Development Africa (ADA) represented by Boitumelo Katisi who pleaded with parents to allow their kids to pursue their own goals and dreams. The campus manager of Tshwane South College at Odi Campus Simon Masango gave a motivational speech of how he had to do his neighbors gardens to be able to pay for his tuition fees. Seithati Moretlwe a life coach encouraged the candidates to take risks and avail themselves for opportunities presented to them.

 Different media personnel and entertainment groups were also present at the event.  Rakale stated that the main purpose of the event was to recognize and reward hard working students and to encourage upcoming ones. It is her wish to see the event bigger and bitter next year thus she made a plea to prospective sponsors to show up and partner with her. She also expressed her frustrations with some of the school that were not too welcoming and at some point she said she waited for hours outside the school gate just to have access to these students.

Mpolokeng Mampana from KTM gave a vote of thanks to the speakers, entertainers and attendees. He said “Black” people need to look at education differently and occupy more space”. At the end of the event a light meal was offered to the attendees while the candidates, the sponsors and hosts had a photo session and interviews with the media.

BY: Seithati Moretlwe

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