There is nothing painful than being a thousand miles away from the person you dearly love. Long distance relationships are hard, there is no way to sugarcoat it but if the person is worth the wait, love conquers everything.

Maintaining a long distance relationship requires dedication, trust and patience from both parties. Keeping romance is even more difficult and some believe that lack of romance in a relationship is a recipe for disaster. However there are ways to deal with the predicament for a healthier relationship.

Digital connectivity can help a long distance relationship be a success with the use of technology. Everyday communication is a must since the benefit of seeing each other is not possible. Skype for video chatting, text messages, telephone calls and emails are vital in a long distance relationship as they help to make partners feel close to each other. Keeping in touch is very crucial in a LDR(Long Distance Relationship) because it makes partners feel loved and appreciated. “good morning and “good night” texts make every lonely night and morning much better.

Thousands of couples made it through despite the challenges all in the name of honesty. Partners need to trust each other. Jealousy and insecurities will occur if partners are miles apart but love sees no jealousy. Talking openly and being honest about your feelings is important as they prevent the fear of the relationship falling apart.

Lonely nights, tears and pain of missing your loved one are so painful but the feeling of meeting your partner is over-whelming. To make a long distance relationship work, partners need to continuously plan and talk about their next visits. Spend time together; reconnect but the sad part are goodbyes. Saying goodbyes are worth the wait with the hope of not saying goodbye one day but only good nights.

The most important thing is feeling your partner’s presence in his / her absence and by that includes recommending doing same things. Reading same books and listening to same music. Having fun helps right? Even though outside people may utter negative thoughts about LDR but fun helps rekindle the relationship. Believe in your relationship and trust your partner to maintain a healthy relationship.

They say there is no perfect love than long distance relationship because if two hearts are waiting for each other its then when love conquers everything. Couples have waited and got married because real love sees no distance.

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