According to disgruntled employees at Lotus Gardens Shell filling station, it is alleged that their employer received funding but failed to pay employees. It is not only the UIF TERS, but employees said they did not receive their bonus pay last year December also. “We changed unions many times to lodge a complaint, but we are not receiving any help. We suspect that our employer bribes union officials,” one of Shell employees explained.

“Last year on the 23rd of December UIF paid our Covid relief fund and our employer said she will not give us. We opened a case at DRC up until now we have not received a positive response, and when we call them they give us a run around.” Employees also alleged that for the year 2020 they only got half of their bonus pay and their employer refuses to pay them the rest of the remaining bonus pay.

“We went to the department of Labor to open a case, and we got tired as the person we found there said he will not help us. After our return there, he called our manager to tell her that we came, that is because they have an affair.” The workers said that they once initiated an illegal strike, and their employer fired about eight people (employees) and promised to fire more if it happens again.

It is also alleged that there was a certain time where tax money was deducted from their monthly salaries. “There was a time where they deducted money in our salaries claiming that it is for Tax, whereas we do not qualify to be deducted tax fee.” The employer at Lotus Gardens service station Shell stewards Ashendry, said that the problem is that administration of the programme brought challenges to both employees and employers, with the department of labor having security breach and delayed payment issues.

“We also buy ourselves uniform which has to be given to us free of charge, including the boots that we wear. Not to mention the struggle we face during rainy days as we do not have rain coats.” In conclusion, the owner of Shell service station, refused to comment  further in regards to the allegations which include the employee’s bonus pay, deduction of tax fee money which they do not allegedly qualify to pay and the illegal sale of uniform.

By: Mpho Khena.

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