By: Ntombikayise Mathomane.

On Monday, Little Manhattan football managed to win the sport tournament final, after they defeated West City Spartans 3-1 in Transoranje stadium at Pretoria West. The champions were passionate and dedicated to the tournament and not even the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) National shutdown could stop them from going against all odds to win.

Head coach, Sandile Dlamini, said it wasn’t easy for the team to go and play the tournament because their residence buses were not operating due to the National shutdown , they had to ask for donations from the students who reside at the Little Manhattan residence in order for them to organise a special transport and pay for it.

“The tournament had 4 teams  including West City Spartans,  Maidera FC and Chilli  Boys FC . I was pleased with my team’s performance throughout the tournament as they gave it their all in order to win” , Dlamini said.

“Reaching the finals was very difficult as every team was playing so hard to win the tournament.” He concluded.

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