By: Ntombikayise Mathomane.

On Monday night,  the residents of Little Manhattan in Pretoria West gathered in large numbers to watch a movie of Kalushi Solomon Mahlangu in celebration of human rights day. The students celebrated the memory of Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu as he was a freedom fighter,  struggle activist and operative of  the African National Congress (ANC) back in the 1970s.

The residence committee,  Kevin Phehla said that they decided to organise a movie night in order for students to learn fundamentally about the right to freedom. “We felt like it is very important to host , so that students can watch visuals of the things that occurred in the past  and they cannot forget where they come from” , Phehla said.

There were different emotions involved as the students were watching the movie, they started sharing their tears and comforting each other.  A resident, Nosipho Nkosi said she loved the words that Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu uttered in the movie, which read as follows.

“My blood will nourish the tree that will bear fruits of freedom, tell my people I love them and they must continue to fight, ” She further mentioned that South Africa is celebrating Human rights day because of heroes who fought for freedom,  equality and better education.

“The movie night gave students who knew nothing about our history, a chance to see visuals of our leaders because majority of them only know their names but not appearances  and we got a chance to celebrate it differently.” She concluded.

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