They say that although life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to be, but we always have to make the best out it. Currently a programmes manager at Mams FM, presenter and business man Godfrey Tswai is a perfect example of that. He is a Pioneer in his community and aspires to make a big impact on the future and dreams of black children.

Like everybody else the journey of life has been long and bumpy for Godfrey.  Born and raised in Mamelodi, he grew up a pretty ambitious child. His dream was to become an electrical engineer, just like any other young person who had dreams to become something in life. Godfrey spent most of his youth days teaching younger kids in schools drama, music and dance. This effort led him to grow his love for the entertainment industry even more.

He started managing a few local artists and became an activist. Gofrey played his part in making sure that artists from Mamelodi and the surrounding neighbourhoods in Pretoria get represented in big events like the Moretele tribute festival.

The introduction of the first community radio station in Mamelodi gave Godfrey Tswai his first presenting gig. He was one of the first presenters that were on the line up of the station when it was launched in 2011. Thrown in the deep end of doing grave yard slots, he never complained or gave up. His nights were shorter and even when he was called to sit in for someone, he was always available. This shows a lot of dedication and the love he has for radio.

Currently he is head of programming at the station and strives each an everyday to make it a better station. When asked what his dreams are for the station he said he wants to make the station grow so that it develops young and upcoming radio presenters. He added “I didn’t have a platform to nurture my talent Mams FM will be a platform for local artists.”

With all his time spent in production booths and meetings he still has goals to grow his business. Thabsa Properties and Investment is a baby Godfrey is nurturing outside entertainment. His business deals with buying and selling properties, it is also focused on introducing people to the world of investments. Godfrey says his initial dream for his business interrelated to the community, is so that people could get used to trading.

He confesses his biggest challenge with business is that it is not always glooming and bringing in revenue, which means that one has to always find new and creative ways to make money.

Godfrey Tswai is a big asset to the community of Mamelodi. His goals and dreams are not only for him alone but has a dream for each and every young person around. He plans to make life better for the coming generation. His dream to open a Godfrey Tswai Foundation is proof of his selfless character. He wants the foundation to help fund young people financially with whatever projects they may want to embark on in their life. Unlike him dreams will be easier to achieve for them, which is what will make him happy.

Everyone out there more or less has dreams they are reaching for and in most cases than others we get reassured that dreams do come true. People like Godfrey serve as pillars of strength especially for the youth encountering the realities of lack of job opportunities and development. Keep your head up and keep on walking for the journey is yours to define. This is the first of many articles I will be sharing with you and I believe we will have plenty of fun together, I am Itumeleng Nkosi #ladi_jaja?




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