President Cyril Ramaphosa has extended the ban of alcohol for 14 days on Sunday, the 12th of July 2021. Township taverns, shebeens and club’s owners are disgruntled by the Presidents decisions as it is allegedly reported that the Local liquor owners  and  The National Liquors Traders wrote to the President pleading for him  lifting  the ban of alcohol sales.

The liquor traders have reported that this pandemic continues to negatively affect their businesses. They said at a later stage employers will be forced to retrench or lower employees’ salaries as they are struggling to reach targets. It is allegedly reported that approximately 39 000 liquor outlets are currently closed.

‘’I personally cannot bear the ban of alcohol sales anymore. Some of us work for “No work No pay” businesses and it results as a huge challenge as I depend on my salary for survival. What I suggest is that the Presidents must permit the sale of alcohol with restrictions and regulations, although I do not understand what more he wants from us because we were already adhering to the Covid19 restrictions and safety protocols as were always required to wear masks and sanitize after serving each customer. The President may be trying to save lives, I don’t disagree, however he cannot save lives with hunger. I need him to only consider us” Caroline Matsane, one of the employees said.

One of the owners that chose to remain anonymous said “ My stock will go to waste as expiring dates are almost due and that will result in financial loss. I depend on the sales of alcohol to provide for my family. I completely understand that the President is trying to save lives, but I plead that may he partially permit the sales of alcohol but continue to prohibit public gatherings. The ban of alcohol sale negatively affects us and the economy”.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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