It’s the beginning of the new year the streets are packed and it’s time to go back to school. Once the cream of high school, now with Matric results out it’s time for them to climb up the ladder and enroll with tertiary institutions. The journey wasn’t easy and now they have to leave home because the journey continues.


Being a first year student is tough, leaving home and adjusting to a new environment is a big issue for first year students. The most stressful thing is finances. fees are expensive that’s why NSFAS provides funding for students from poor backgrounds. Students apply for NSFAS to cover their tuition fees, books, meals and residence. It’s quite a bit of process for an NSFAS loan to be approved, but if academically a student performs well they stand a good chance of getting funding from NSFAS.

Applying for admission, registering and the perception of courses students enroll with is a challenge for first year students. Another thing for first year students is that they have to write and pass the selection tests to be accepted to some universities.

It’s arguably every matriculant’s desire to go to university but life after matric is tough. It’s a step towards independency, rising to responsibility and basically taking a stand on your own. It’s a huge step to take, the feeling of loneliness and adjusting to varsity life all for better accomplishments.

Life after matric comes with its perks since no parent will be monitoring, the freedom, friends and negative things that hinder an individual to be held back, but discipline and a level of self-ground should always be part of a bright student. Mpumelelo Mahlangu (22) who lives at Soshanguve Block H matriculated at Hlanganani high school in 2016, enrolled for Entrepreneurship at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Pretoria West Campus, said that it’s going to be a journey which he’s been awaiting and is excited by what greatness it stands to bring in his life.

He also mentioned that it’s a dream come true since he’s the first to go to university in his family and he’s privileged to have the opportunity to brighten the future of his family.

“It feels like it’s a dream because not so long ago I was sitting for my matric exams and now I am about to climb the highest ladder of my life”. Mahlangu also mentioned that he’ll be studying entrepreneurship because he wants to add more knowledge to his side of business since he’s an entrepreneur.

It’s a new journey for first year students, hard work will pay with success and WE WISH THEM ALL THE BEST.

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