Why Me? along with Caring for Girls and Dischem Foundation donated sanitary pads to various schools around Mamelodi. Rinah Semadi from Why Me said each learner at the schools visited received sanitary pads that will last her about six months which is going to benefit those who are unprivileged. She said the truck loaded with sanitary pads delivered them to Mamelodi schools almost every day for the past week up until almost all Mamelodi Schools benefitted from receiving the sanitary pads.

“We made sure that we left no stone unturned by visiting all the schools. This will ensure all the girls have enough sanitary pads to last half a year, so this actually means that there is no necessity for young girls to bunk classes due to lack of sanitary pads,” said Semadi.

A total of 16 schools in Mamelodi received the sanitary pads. Semadi said she approached both the organizations Caring for Girls and Dischem Foundation for donations aimed at assisting the young unprivileged girls. “Growing up, our parents simply did not have money for such items and we had to miss classes, meaning we would miss about three to five days of not going to school during our menstruation days,” she said.


Semadi said she does not want to see these girls go through the same experience she had to undergo while growing up as she knows the pain. She also mentioned that the learners can always look forward to go to school every day without any stress as they received enough sanitary pads to last them for about half a year.

“I am grateful to both organisations. My wish is for God to bless them so that they can be able to help more girls. We made sure that every school girl had enough sanitary pads to take home and we also made sure we left some for the school.” “The sanitary pads donated to the school were for backup in case a child run out of sanitary pads.” Said Semadi. #ladi_jaja?

By: Mpho Khena.

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