Lamiez Holworthy (29) is a South African disk jockey and TV and radio personality. She recently posted on Twitter that “people use the term “ friend “ too easily, just coz re rata dilo tse snaks bobothle and ra Jutana does not mean ra Ratana, please.” Again a few days ago she said Anyone who takes and posts a humiliating video of you online is not your friend ke daai ding (witchcraft).

She continues to encourage people not to give up and says her career became possible due to the following words .“O sa fela Pelo ngwana kogae, don’t ever give up on your dreams it might take a month, a year or even ten years like it did mine but in the end, it’ll pay off.” 

In an interview with True Love in 2009, She said “I was ready to give up just before I got the live Amp gig last. “I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. But then, God showed up for me when l got that all-important call.” Because of God’s grace, she was able to get to the job interview also got this position. In Conclusion “everything happening in my life is because of the hard work that I put in over eleven years and black child everything is possible.” She said. 

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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