Lady Zamar in a now-deleted tweet expressed her shock and disappointment after a Twitter user said the singer should have been shot instead of AKA. She said “I’ve silently watched and read a lot of the disgusting, insensitive, just disgraceful commentary on an extremely sensitive matter… and it’s just yuck man do you know the power of your own words?.. that everything negative you wish someone comes back to you, every single thing!”

The singer has been subject to a lot of cyberbullying triggered by the rape allegation saga between her and her ex, Sjava. Zamar was one of those who was heartbroken by the death of AKA, and she expressed her pain on Twitter.

“The numbing shock upon hearing that aka has passed away there are no words to express the sorrow of such an untimely death my deepest condolences go out to his family, Nadia, his friends, the megacy and most of all to Kairo,” she wrote.

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