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Founder of Kofifi Queen Zanele Zanny Nyase is a 49-year-old currently residing at Silverlake Golf Estate, but originally from Atteridgeville, Pheli. Kofifi Queen is a top vintage home store in Pretoria East, specialising in authentic and exclusive vintage garments and accessories. Further explained as a vintage movement for clothing, retro décor, events and classic cars.The idea behind the formation of the movement came from Zanele wanting to pass down knowledge about fashion throughout the years and showcase how fashion from the past is having an awesome come back.

Zanele was inspired by the beautiful and durable quality of fabrics that were used in the 60’s. She always wanted to appreciate and promote those sophisticated and quality fabrics to women who proudly wore them. “I would say the vintage lifestyle chose me because as a child from the 70’s, I always got clothes passed down to me from my sisters.” She added. Zanele also states that she is passionate about her choice of clothing because with the ever-changing trends and fashion styles, she finds it hard to keep up.

The target market for Kofifi Queen is mostly women. Zanele states that she targets women who are confident, classy and who are proud of vintage. “This movement is for women who like to wear quality fabric such as silk, genuine leather, tweeds and garments.” She said

Looking at Zanele’s upbringing, what she does now makes perfect sense. Her father was a collector of classic cars as well as a mechanic while her mother was a seamstress. “My sisters and I grew up to the sound of engines running early in the morning, we had more than 30 cars at any given time at home.” She said. The main work being done at Kofifi movement is displaying vintage garments at events. Zanele has styled the likes of Ausi Velamina, Mercy Mogase and King P. She also told Tsa Pitori that she will soon style and dress a series on TV, which is still in the production phase.

Article By: Thuli Galane.

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