There’s allegedly a perpetrator from Klipgat believed to be a serial rapist who recruits girls on Facebook and promises them jobs, thereafter rapes them. Khutso Sereme said “we have a serial rapist in Pretoria, the suspect is recruiting ladies using Facebook, and victims are raped around the Klipgat area in Mabopane.” He pledged with residents and the general public to alert families, relatives, and friends, that if someone contacts you and promises to give you work on Facebook notify the nearest police station.

Khutso King said “he did that with one of my family members luckily my uncle was around and he saved her. I think its a syndicate because my uncle called him and he insulted him.” 

Neo Sebi said “what do you expect from a country where everyone comes and goes as they please we have millions of untraceable illegal immigrants, some of them are wanted criminals in their countries, and South Africa welcomes them humbly.”

“I wish our sisters can be vigilant of this type of people and I have heard a lot of stories like this even in Atteridgeville where they’re being promised jobs but later ended up being raped,” said Mike M Mangwane.

Our publication tried to contact Klipgat police station for a comment and we were still awaiting feedback by time of publishing. #ladi_jaja?

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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