Willington Kachidza a man accused of murdering  security guards and petrol attendants will appear again in the North Gauteng High Court on February 17. He is accused of kidnapping his victims and demanding ransom from their families before killing them. Following his last appearance in court on Wednesday, Kachidza’s defence lawyer told the Judge. Hendrik de Vos that Kachidza intends to plead guilty to some of the charges. 

He is facing 35 charges, and believed to have taken his victims from across Pretoria.

These charges include five counts of murder, eight counts of kidnapping, eight counts of extortion, seven counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances, five counts of theft, two counts of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and contravention of the Immigration Act.

Some of the family members to the victims said they had received a call from a unknown persons demanding that they pay or they were going to kill the kidnapped. The victims families said prior to the deaths of their loved ones the suspect would call them and negotiated with them for a randsom in exchage for the lives of their loved ones.

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