Khensani Movement Helping Underprivileged People

Johannes Khensani mboweni (26) from Ga-Rankuwa and currently residing in Hammaskraal is the founder of the Khensani Movement. “The main aim is to revive the spirit of Ubuntu amongst us as people and help underprivileged people with necessities. The purpose of starting this initiative was to help teenagers, young girls, and women in my community,” said Mboweni.

Mboweni started the movement in 2019 but decided to take this organization seriously in early June 2020 following the outbreak of the Covid-19 catastrophe. So far he managed to pull through and did almost 10 handovers and next month on the 11th will be doing the closing of handovers for the year 2021.

He managed to help with newborn essentials, clothes of newborns and adults, school shoes, sanitary towels, and sanitary pads. Mboweni said “to do everything on my own it was not easy and still not a simple thing to do,” he’s doing this without any sponsorship. Sometimes he would find that he needs transport for collecting and dropping off clothes and items donated to his initiative.

In addition, he would find people willing to help but having doubts about him that he will donate them or sell them to generate money. Although by putting God and praying everything came together and patience has been an essential key to every obstacle that came across. Mboweni said “l would like to thank donors for always trusting me with their belongings and I appreciate every effort they put towards the movement.”

In conclusion he said “Well it doesn’t have to be mother Theresa, Michele Obama nor Nelson Mandela foundation to make differences but having a caring heart also does, I’m hoping to make a significate difference and empower disadvantaged communities”.


Johannes Khensani mboweni: 060 949 1287 

By Nthabiseng Makhubela

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