South African rapper, Focalistic also known as Lethabo Sebetso and Nigerian singer Davido have recently announced that they will be releasing a follow up project titled Ke Star remix Part 2. Davido posted a video of himself and his friends on Instagram dancing to their unreleased song a few days ago. 

The original song Ke star by Focalistic featuring Vigro Deep is a hit song on it’s own. This song has brought a debate on Twitter, others say the original song is a hit on it’s own whilst others say it’s a hit because it has Davido’s touch.

Umshayi we Face beat, posted on Twitter saying “The song is originally from South Africa, it is not yours. Davido just happened to be featured on it. We understand the meaning of the original song. Whether you all think Davido made a bomb that is on you, However I personally like the original song.

Heisk n Dave,  said, “you all know what Davido did in the life of Focalistic and the Ke Star remix part 2. He gave Focalistic his first ever entry into BB top thriller. Certified S.A both original and remix part1 and part 2. I don’t need to say this over and over again, they are fire”

Maureen, tweeted saying “Gosh Davido and Focalistic unreleased song is now a hit compared to gang of London (Ginger).

Focalistic has displayed determination to accomplish a lot from the music industry and Davido likewise is willing to lend a helping hand. They have continued to plug each other, Davido introduced Focalistic to other opportunities like BB top thriller.

These two seem to have a good working relationship and friendship. They were also spotted on Instagram making videos and enjoying life.The release date of the song is not yet confirmed, however fans are looking forward to listening to the full version of it.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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