Children are the future of any country, they are the people we look up to, to change the world. Therefore they need to be taken care off and nurtured. Kgomotso Nyalungo can attest to that, she is the founder and director of an NPO called Kgomotso Children’s Centre (KCC) that is situated in Soshanguve Block NN. She has currently founded a forum under the name Tshwane Ladies forum.

The forum runs once every month, it is all about supporting women of all races with motivation, guidance and basic needs. Kgomotso also hosts seminars called the THE WOUND BEHIND THE DRESS. The seminars focuses more on all kinds of wounds from the past that women of all age groups faced.

The children’s centre was established in 2007 and it has helped a lot of children and teenagers. Kgomotso described KCC as a place of refuge. Most of these children are from under privileged families, orphans, child headed households, living with foster parents or extended families. “Some are from abusive homes”, Kgomotso explained that KCC is an aftercare centre where children and youth come in to receive nutrition, educational, psychological, psychosocial wellbeing, sports, arts and culture, skill development and personal development.

She told Tsa Pitori that she started to save children and the youth because she is a victim of rape. She mentioned that she was raped at the age of 8 years, so she would hate to see what happened to her happening to the next young person. Kgomotso says when she traces back her childhood times, she realises that she was raped after school because her parents were at work during the day so she was exposed to a lot of dangerous activities. “I chose to do an aftercare to keep children safe and prevent 80% rate of rape that occurs in the absence of parents”.

KCC started with only 8 children, today it has helped more than 50 children that turned out very well in life, some are at universities and others are working. The children’s centre takes in 350 children per year but if the number of children that are in need of help increase, they increase the intake, “we don’t turn children away”-Kgomotso.

Kgomotso has been nominated on Vita Basadi awards, Gauteng Provincial Legislature. She has been nominated on 3 categories, women of the year, community builder of the year and community heroine. Out of the three nominations kgomotso said she would like to walk away with community builder of the year and/or community heroine. She has worked with so many children and youth in her community and other comunities tirelessly. She is like a superwoman to her community.  Kgomotso says she enjoys playing a part in building the youth and children’s future and character. To vote for her, write a motivation based on how as a community member think she impacts and uplift the community.

She is available on different social platforms as follows:

  • Website: www.kcc-Soshanguve.org
  • Email: kkgomotso.yahoo.com
  • Facebook: kgomotso kcc madamspeaker
  • Whatsapp: 065 822 0596


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